Pick-upau wins environmental award in Geneva, Switzerland
Socially innovative projects from across the globe awarded at SIGEF 2014

01/11/2014 – GENEVA – On Thursday 23 October 2014, the first edition of the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF 2014) continued with the ‘2014 SIGEF Awards’ session in honor of the work done by international personalities that have distinguished themselves by their extensive work in favor of Social Good.

Horyou/SIGEF 2014

The SIGEF 2014 organized by Horyou - the Social Network for Social Good - extended awards to winners in various categories that featured entries from more than twenty social entrepreneurs from all over the world who participated and showcased their innovative projects at the International Conference Centre of Geneva (CICG) which is the venue of the three day event that started from 22nd – 24th October 2014.

Horyou/SIGEF 2014

“This award ceremony is an important component of SIGEF 2014 that showcased a variety of socially innovative developments that are in the process of making a difference at a local, national, and global level,” explained Founder and CEO, Yonathan Parienti while opening the Award gala.

The projects chosen to participate at the 2014 SIGEF Awards were announced online on a weekly basis and the main two awards – the Public Choice and Humanitarian - were granted the most socially innovative projects.

Horyou/SIGEF 2014

The Public Choice Award (‘Prix du Public’) which was chosen by SIGEF 2014 attendees and participants was delivered to ‘BEYOND BEANIE’ project which received CHF 8000 (approximately $8,500 USD).

This award is given based on the total number of votes received on-site by the visiting attendees and other participants. Each vote is personal, heartfelt, and based on conviction. In this category, Members of the Organizer’s Award Committee were excluded from voting.

The Humanitarian Contribution Award (‘Coup d’Coeur’) worth CHF 2500 ((approximately $2,700 USD) which was chosen by the SIGEF 2014 award organizing team was delivered to Dr. Georges BWELLE (from ASCOVIME), a Cameroonian doctor who extends free medical services (including free medicine and performing surgeries) to disadvantaged people located in deep rural areas.

Horyou/SIGEF 2014

While congratulating the two winners, Parienti said, “We acknowledge the efforts and creativity of social innovators that are moving forward with their ideas, visions, and actions. We have confidence that these initiatives can and will benefit citizens and society in many positive ways.”

The following is the full list of SIGEF 2014 Award winners who presented projects that have had significant impact in the societies in which their organizations operate. The majority of the winners came from the African, Southern America and USA regions.

Main Category:

• Humanitarian Contribution Award: Dr. Georges BWELLE (from ASCOVIME)
• Public Choice Award: BEYOND BEANIE


• Music for Empowerment Award: Chad Harper (from HIP HOP SAVES LIVES)
• Arts and Education for All Award: Mrs. Touraya Bouabid (from AMESIP)
• Social Inclusion Award: Ms Claire Nimboe Ndi Samba (from REPCAM)
• Ecosystem Preservation Award: Julio Andrade (from Brazilian NGO, Pick-upau)

The SIGEF 2014 forum that was concluded this Friday 24th October 2014 featured three days of interaction, dialogue and actions through NGO’s showcase, plenary Sessions led by international Keynote Speakers, a photographic exhibition, workshops as well as documentary screenings.

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